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Ian LeBruce
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Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch: 
Cappuccino Ads prints portable advertising on environmentally friendly takeaway coffee cups.
Detailed elevator pitch: 
How would you like your companies logo to be placed in the hands of thousands of potential new customers every single day? Cappuccino Ads puts your brand in the hands of your targeted demographic, coffee shops get free cups which removes one of their biggest costs, and because we use completely biodegradable products, it's great for the environment. It's win-win-win. As a regular coffee drinker, I handle takeaway coffee cups every day, and the figures suggest that i'm not alone, last year there were 2.6 billion takeaway coffees sold in the UK, and that's a figure that increases year on year. Cappuccino Ads puts your brand in their hand.
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Marketing, PR and Advertising

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Your USP: 
Every day we are surrounded by advertising from every direction, it's getting harder and harder for brands to distinguish themselves. In a crowded environment, we provide something fresh to get the consumers attention. The drinker will be holding the brand, creating a novel and tactile experience, leaving a positive association with the companies message. We print this message on environmentally friendly products (cups, napkins, sandwich bags etc), and distribute them to over 300 of the very best independent coffee shops across the UK. We have the longest exposure time of any form of advertising and can leverage our large online presence to get extremely creative and innovative.
Your market: 
The amount spent on out of home advertising hit £1 billion for the first time in 2013 and is increasing by an average of 5% each year. The majority is spent on billboards, and the sides of taxis and buses, we have several key advantages over them, the first is the aforementioned longer exposure time, the average cup of coffee takes 22 minutes to drink while the average billboard is viewed for 5 seconds. The clients also love that the outside of the cup can be tore off and kept in the drinkers pocket. This is great for vouchers, and when there's lots of information on the design. Most of our clients have been high-end retailers looking to increase sales, or charities looking for awareness.
Your people: 
My name is Ian LeBruce and i'm the managing director and founder. My background includes a masters degree in particle physics and working in the video game industry on Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto V where I had experience of marketing globally, a skill that will come in very useful! Our creative leader Adam Robertson is an internationally exhibited graphic designer who has worked on campaigns for global companies such as Nike. Our mentors include Russell Dalgleish who is the chairman of WeDO Scotland and We Are The Future and owns Exolta Capital. We have brought in David Jonas to take care of the finances as he is the financial director and owner of a catering company called Veg Express.

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