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Clever Tykes
Ben Cook
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Elevator Pitch: 
A series of children’s storybooks introducing positive entrepreneurial role models aiming to inspire and empower the employers of tomorrow.
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We're pioneering a grassroots approach to enterprise education and getting more people into business; exactly what our economy needs! Evidence strongly links entrepreneurial upbringing with the likelihood of someone starting their own business later in life. We're helping children aspire to be high achieving. Children have many positive role models in traditional roles like Fireman Sam, Bob the Builder and Postman Pat. We want to portray businesspeople positively too; unlike Mr Burns, Lord Business, and Harry Wormwood. We are tackling fundamental socioeconomic issues with a truly unique concept working with companies with CSR programmes to help deliver the resources to schools for free
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Education and Training

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Your USP: 
We are the only series of children’s books devised to inspire children with entrepreneurial role models and integrate enterprise integration into the primary curriculum which can fundamentally improve the delivery of PSHE. Current efforts to encourage enterprising behaviour occur too late in education or consist of one-off ‘enterprise days’ at primary schools. We have created a grassroots approach to the aims of Startup Loans and other schemes aimed at the 18-30s. The attitudes we instil stand to increase achievement both academically and career-wise. Children with the most deprived upbringing will gain the most from the books making Clever Tykes a significant force for social mobility
Your market: 
There are >17000 UK primary schools and the market is currently worth approx. £30billion. Potential sponsors are some of the largest companies in the UK including banks with CSR agendas. 96% of companies agree they are committed to CSR but only 63% state they are active on their responsibilities to children (UNICEF, 2013). Over 4million primary school children can benefit from our books, representing the vast B2C market Clever Tykes addresses. Children’s books sales in the UK are approx. £300million (Nielsen). Hardcopies outsell eBooks in the kids’ book market and will continue to for the foreseeable future. The growth in the app market represents a huge opportunity for Clever Tykes
Your people: 
Ben – 1st class economics graduate, Investec Wealth prize for microeconomics winner. Thorough understanding of the labour markets and the importance of enterprise in the economy. Developed deep understanding of primary education through extensive research and work with dozens of teachers nationwide. Jodie – Owner of JC Social Media, Birmingham Young Professional of the Year 2014 and startup champion. Dan - founder of multi-award winning The Giving Card is driving communication and relationships with large companies at the highest level. Politically Correct – public affairs agency working with Clever Tykes to build strong relationships within Parliament and influential organisations.

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