Enclothed Ltd

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Enclothed Ltd
Levi Young
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Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch: 
A personalised clothing service for men, get the clothes you want, from the brands you love, without the hassle of shopping. No added fees
Detailed elevator pitch: 
The ultimate solution for time strapped, fashion conscious men, ENCLOTHED.co.uk is an online bespoke styling service who’s aim is to get guys great clothes in the most hassle-free way possible. You register at enclothed.co.uk, enter your measurements and preferences, select pictures of looks you like and how much you're prepared to spend per item. Then sit back and wait for a personalised box of six to ten items from brands you love and a few surprises, hand-picked by an expert team of stylists, to arrive. The service is completly free, we cover the cost of delivery and collections - you only pay for the clothes you keep.
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Business Plan

Your USP: 
We believe that this blend of personal service and technology will disrupt the current retail market. We offer a supremely personalised experience that is hassle free, helps our customers discover new brands and items, and deliver a service that saves them time and helps them look great. Best of all the service is completely free, and you only pay for the clothes you keep. Currently we have one competitor in the UK-Chapar. Whilst Chapar is operating with a similar business model, our delivery and execution differs. At Enclothed, we have developed and continue to develop our technology to ensure that the consumer dictates their interaction with us and we offer the best service possible.
Your market: 
Through market research, we have found our target to be ABC1 men aged 27-44, earning an income of £50,000 + . This market is expected to grow by 6% to 14.8million in 2016, an increase of 0.9 million UK adults, with these affluent shoppers the most likely to purchase clothing online. 
We will be selling directly to individuals through our website. The majority of our customers either have little time to shop or do not enjoy the shopping experience.
Your people: 
Levi Young, co-founder of Enclothed studied journalism and prior to Enclothed, Levi was head of sales at a branding and marketing firm. Levi now heads up the sales and marketing team. Dana Zingher, co-founder began her career in fashion with a BSc in Fashion management, followed by an MSc from Imperial College. Dana continued her career in the city as a technology consultant and now heads the styling and technology department. Our stylists love what they do. From celebrity styling to personal shopping, our stylists have a varied, professional background that all comes back to their passion for getting people to feel great about what they’re wearing.