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Business name:
Deepak Tailor
Business website: 

Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch: 
We are the UK’s largest freebie sites. We get over 400,000 visitors who are looking for the best freebies, deals and special offers
Detailed elevator pitch: 
Name is Deepak Tailor. I founded because all the other sites in the industry were to spammy or not relevent to a genuine user looking to try real products. So I thought I would create a website that contained the best genuine offers and rather than concentrating on advertising. Few stats about our website and reach: - Over 400,000 users a month - Over 1,200,000 million page views per month - Active database of over 600+ offers - Work with major brands including LoveFilm, Graze Box, Tastecard, Vodafoneand more. - Featured in many newspapers including 'The Mirror' and 'The Telegraph' - Never spent money on advertising (grown virally so far)
Industry sector: 
Internet and New Media

Business Plan

Your USP: 
We are also the UK's first freebie site to launch a mobile app. Took the decision in early 2013 to be the first company to develop a presence in the mobile market just because of the growing development smartphone usage in our daily lives. The dream was to have an app for iPhone and Android that allows users to order free samples straight to their door from an app! Following an 8 month journey to hire developers and build the app, we finally launched on 15th January. Have now got over 50,000+ downloads, 4,500+ active users and rank 1st in app store for the keyword "Free Stuff". All this achieved in a market that I never had a clue about 12 months before....
Your market: 
We have 4-5 main competitors in the industry. All the sites have been around for many years before we entered the market. I was using their sites for years prior to launching my own site. The main strategy to create brand awareness works great for FMG companies in the UK especially new product launches.. This popular marketing strategy gives the brand maximum coverage and our industry allows users to benefit from their marketing promotions. In the next few years the market will evolve to take into our account our new habits with Tablets and smartphones. There will be less use of posted samples and more relevance for brands to drive users into store with vouchers through their smartphones.
Your people: 
I'm the sole founder and managing director of the company. My interest in affiliate marketing developed a few years before my university course. This idea of starting an automated business was fascinating. I studied marketing at Brunel university and during my studies launched 70+ websites on a range of topics. Finally after backpacking around the world with the money earned I opened The aim was to launch the UK' biggest genuine freebie site' and to create a product that would impact as many people as possible and a service that people would rely on.

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