Miss James Ltd

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Miss James Ltd
Emma James
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Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch: 
Miss James is a new innovative maternity shapewear range. Most of our garments will have 2 original features and will look incredible on!
Detailed elevator pitch: 
I have spent most of my time on the medical side, writing and filing my UK patent, meeting with global manufacturers (face-to-face and over skype) and trying to secure a licence deal but instead I found a business partner (an ex director of a global medical manufacturer) to take my idea to the medical market. Miss James will be the only innovative maternity shapewear that stabilises the pelvis while lifting the bump. There will be two sides of the business a medical side and a retail side. Miss James is the retail side and will benefit all pregnant women! If I was to win, it would be a huge challenge as I am not comfortable doing a pitch in front of a lot of people but I believe I could win!
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Business Plan

Your USP: 
The garments will have 2 features. The first is a pelvic support also known as a sacroiliac belt that stabilises the pelvis. The second is a maternity belt, which lifts the weight of the bump from off the pelvis. There isn't one product available on the market with both of these features included and is attractive. Every pregnant woman’s pelvis separates ready for childbirth (some earlier than others), which can create pelvic instability, hip pain, abdomen pain or general aches and pains. While wearing a Miss James garment you are well supported, the fit is perfect and will look great! The shapewear range with these 2 unique features will be made up of briefs, swimwear, leggings and tights.
Your market: 
The shapewear market has increased to $812.5 billion in the US alone. John Lewis reported a 150% increase in shapewear sales in 2013. Leading shapewear competitors only have 3-5 maternity products and are expensive in the UK. Every 1 in 4 pregnant women suffer from PGP, every 1 in 2 suffer from lower back pain and there were 729,674 pregnant women in the UK in 2012 alone. A recent study showed 32% of pregnant women take an average of 2 months off sick from work due to PGP. My range could save businesses and the economy millions of pounds. There are maternity belts and sacroiliac belts available but they dont help and none in one product. Maternity wear is a niche market but will always grow.
Your people: 
I have a strong team with over 40 years of combined experience. I have 12 years of experience working as a Management accountant and 3 years of experience researching and developing my idea. Now that the medical version is progressing I decided to create a range and be the face of the brand. Diane Titterton is my mentor. Diane has worked in marketing for many years and now runs a successful business in the baby market. She has provided invaluable support. Jonathan Williams is Emma’s business partner (Medical side). Jonathan has his own products being created for the NHS. He has over 20 years of experience in the medical market and has those important contacts from manufacturers to retailers.

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