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Darren Ravenscroft
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Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch: 
An immersive, adrenaline fuelled motor racing experience without the bank breaking costs of a race car. Simply Motorsport, that's evolved.
Detailed elevator pitch: 
An event entertainment company with a twist. We offer interactive racing for adults to submerge themselves in. Exciting, intriguing, terrifying, but most importantly, good old fashioned fun. We provide our clients a way to increase footfall and aid in data capture at an exhibition or we can be hired to add attention grabbing entertainment to a private event. By using a bespoke self built system, our very distinctive service insures every experience is as exciting and interesting as the last, ensuring we keep up a high standard during the entire event. We should win The Pitch because as a positive concomitant, we also help discover and develop fresh race driving talent.
Industry sector: 
Leisure, Travel and Hospitality

Business Plan

Your USP: 
Unlike our competition, we've developed our own robust system which simplifies procedures and automates tasks. Built into our system is a well designed, clutter free, easy to use interface. Using a homegrown system, it can evolve in parallel with the business and helps to incorporate excitement into every aspect of an event. An example of this can be seen at the end of each event, whereby customers are given a personalised race report. They can then review and share their motorsport experience online via our website. We also run mini games during events, giving spectators the chance to guess outcomes of races and win prizes. A great demonstration of the interactivity our system allows.
Your market: 
Our market includes corporate hospitality and private event hire. Our system acts as a powerful data collection tool so we'll also target exhibition and trade stand hire. Hosting ‘pay per drive’ sessions at some of the many motor shows throughout the year is another market of operation. Our biggest competitors appear to offer more of an arcade styled game at their events, using licensed 3rd party systems, compared to our focus on realistic simulation using our own in house system. With virtual reality (VR) devices tipped to be the next big thing, we plan to use the latest technology along side our constantly evolving system to help drive us to the forefront of the market.
Your people: 
The business was created by Darren Ravenscroft, a Web Developer and Consultant from Manchester with a background in Marketing. The business originally started out as a personal project to demonstrate Darren's skill capability using his passion for motorsport as the subject. This combination of interests quickly created a strong work ethic which transformed the once personal project into a robust system worthy of commercial use. Darren believes in simplicity, consistency and professionalism and has applied these beliefs across the entire business by building a system that is almost completely automated. Eliminating the risk of human error, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

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