Night Zookeeper

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Night Zookeeper
Josh Davidson
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Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch: 
Night Zookeeper turns children from the consumers of digital media, into the creators
Detailed elevator pitch: 
Night Zookeeper is a magical, inspirational brand where children discover and create imaginative animals. These animals join our interactive world and can feature in books, playing cards and even a TV show. Children draw magical animals completely from their own imaginations and place them in one of our many enclosures. They must look after them by completing creative challenges which keep them strong enough to fight the monsters that attack the zoo each night.
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Media and Publishing

Business Plan

Your USP: 
Too many children's brands cast children in the role of consumer, leaving little room for their imaginations. Night Zookeeper actively encourages children to become co-creators of the world and characters that inhabit it. Can you imagine a global children's brand created by children themselves? Night Zookeeper is that brand.
Your market: 
Internationally the market for educational software is experiencing rapid change and is predicted to grow at 33% each year. It’s already estimated to be worth $5bn. Night Zookeeper is specifically designed to engage teachers looking to explore digital technology in their classroom for the first time. The children’s character brands market is worth $60bn. Night Zookeeper has a huge opportunity to develop a licensing business using our brand assets including our Logo and core characters. Our approach follows in the footsteps of success stories such as Toca Boca (estimated £15m in app sales in 2012) and Rovio (£60m in app sales in 2012).
Your people: 
We are an experienced team of teachers, business people, authors, marketers, designers and developers all passionate about an idea that makes a genuine difference to children’s education. Between us we have worked on projects for the US Government, Turner Broadcasting, P&G Pampers, Nike, Coca Cola and Levi's.

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