Offers Cloud

Contestant information

Business name: 
Offers Cloud
Usman Ghaffar

Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch: 
Offers Cloud a website that displays all the latest offers from all of your favorite high street shops and brands. Find, Explore, Purchase
Detailed elevator pitch: 
Offers Cloud would be a website alongside a mobile app which people could use to find the latest offers from all the major high street shops and brands. Offers Cloud would generate revenue by charging a small fee for generating a sale for the high street shops and brands. In order to encourage the high streets shops and brands to join Offers Cloud for the first month we would not charge a fee for generating any sales. However, once we have enough active users then we can begin to charge them a small fee for using our service. We want start Offers Cloud by displaying offers regarding the clothing and fashion industry; however, we would further develop this by focusing on other categories.
Industry sector: 
Internet and New Media

Business Plan

Your USP: 
The USP of Offers Cloud is that it would eliminate the voucher or the code system that most current websites that display offers use. This is because the customer would be able to view the offer and purchase it through Offers Cloud without the need of any codes or vouchers. Furthermore, Offers Cloud would make it easier for the customer to look for different types of offers simply because the customer would be able to view the offers on Offers Cloud rather than going on individual brand’s websites to find out the latest offers. Another USP of Offers Cloud would be that customers would be able to compare the offers between different brands to find out the best value for money product.
Your market: 
There are many established websites already in the market we want to enter such as Voucher Cloud and Groupon that focus on displaying discounts and vouchers. However, majority of them do not focus on displaying the latest offers from all the high street shops. OffersOfTheDay is a website that displays the latest offers; however, the branding of the website is not as effective and it is very hard to use it simply because it is unorganized. As a result, by creating a fun and interactive brand for Offers Cloud and having a simple and easy to use website that has additional features such as subscribe to a specific brand or compare different offers we would be able to gain more market attention.
Your people: 
I am a 17 year old entrepreneur based in Nottingham. In year 10 I was elected the Managing Director of a Young Enterprise company as part of my GCSE’s for which I managed 12 other students. For this work in 2012 I won the Nottingham Post Students of the Year Skills Award alongside the Sir John Peace Award for Entrepreneurship and the XMA Award for the Most Innovative Use of IT. In 2014 I won Matthew Hancock’s “What If” challenge out of 432 entries and got the opportunity to spend a day shadowing the Minister and his Parliamentary Office team. Alongside this I got a personal tour of the Houses of Parliament and I learnt interesting facts about the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

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