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Rebecca Coates
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Elevator Pitch: 
Radon is a natural gas that accumulates in buildings & can cause lung cancer. We sell test kits & install systems that reduce radon levels
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Radon is a naturally occurring gas that comes from the ground and which can accumulate in buildings. Exposure to high concentrations can cause lung cancer. propertECO are one of the few UK firms involved in testing buildings for radon & installing specialist ventilation systems to reduce concentrations if high levels are detected. Our test kits cost under £50 so householders can inexpensively check that their homes are safe. Health & safety legislation requires workplaces to be tested, creating a regulatory-driven marketplace that we have worked hard to penetrate. Our client list includes several FTSE100 companies & high street names. We have a profitable structure and our work saves lives.
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We are constantly looking for ways to improve what we do to remain at the forefront of the UK radon industry and have looked to international markets to obtain products & techniques not available/utilised in the UK. We have signed an exclusive UK & Ireland agreement with the biggest US manufacturer of radon mitigation fans so that our installations can be made more efficient and cost-effective. We have attended conferences & training in the USA & across Europe to learn (& share) best practice. In addition to our service provision, we will soon be launching a product sales division to supply a range of radon testing & mitigation equipment to the public and other professionals.
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The current radon industry comprises a handful of specialist firms, most of whom operate regionally. Some work is carried out by general builders, however most clients recognise it is a specialist area. Along with four other firms, we recently founded the UK Radon Association, a trade association to disseminate information to the public, provide training & promote the industry. New European legislation was announced in February that requires the UK to have more stringent regulation & enforcement in place by 2018 along with a plan to increase public awareness. We expect this to lead to an increased demand so are positioning ourselves to capitalise on this through additional product sales.
Your people: 
Rebecca Kench (29) & Martin Freeman (66) founded propertECO in 2011. Beginning his career as a 'man in a van', Martin has over 40 years' practical & technical experience in the building industry. He has been at the forefront of the radon industry since the early 1990s and his practical experience is unrivalled in the UK. Rebecca has a 1st Class BSc in Business Administration and has used her marketing skills to find ways to improve communication about radon, e.g. making the message easier to understand by converting radon-exposure doses to chest x-ray equivalents. The company benefits from & prospers as a result of the combination of Martin's technical background & Rebecca's business acumen.

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