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Recruit Packs
Rich Brady
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Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch: 
British Army recruits get a list of items they must buy before starting Phase 1 training. Recruit Packs saves them time, money and effort.
Detailed elevator pitch: 
I’m Rich Brady, partner at Recruit Packs. Every new British Army recruit is given a list of items that they must buy before they start their Phase 1 training. We can save every recruit time, money and effort by putting those items into our packs and shipping them directly to their homes. Recruit Packs is the only company to provide this service. Our attention to detail and the awesome relationships we develop with our customers allows us to constantly refine the recruit packs that enable us to exceed the expectation of every new customer. Winning “The Pitch” would allow us to increase current sales, help us enter the RAF and Royal Navy markets and establish ourselves internationally.
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Business Plan

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Recruit Packs are the only company to be providing this type of product and service. The relationships that we develop with our customers and the attention to detail when choosing products will ensure that, should a competitor try and enter the market, we will remain the market leader. Our understanding and daily use of social media to engage and communicate with potential and existing customers ensures we provide excellent customer service. This excellent communication channel keeps Recruit Packs informed of any changes to preferred items for Phase 1 training and we can often change the content of our Recruit Packs faster that the British Army can update its official documentation.
Your market: 
The annual recruitment target for the British Army is 4400. Not including reservists, this is to increase by 11,000 as part of the Army 2020 review. Recruit Packs supplied 200 British Army recruits within the first six months of trading and intend on securing a quarter of the market share, 1100 British Army recruit packs, by April 1st 2016. Recruit Packs will begin to replicate this business model in both the RAF and Royal Navy markets. Having secured a 25% share in each of those markets, Recruit Packs will then target global markets. Recruit Packs has no current competition and securing strong brand awareness by the close of 2014, will protect the company moving forward.
Your people: 
Mick and Jan Brady have 25 years in the army surplus industry and have been selling individual products to the very customer Recruit Packs is targeting. Rich Brady has 7 years experience in website design and digital marketing, specialising in social media. The last 4 has been in the army surplus sector, working with Mick and Jan. 18 months of market research was undertaken by Rich and initial prototypes were sold via their army surplus business. Feedback and initial sales during this time gave them confidence to launch Recruit Packs in 2013. In August 2014 a digital marketing apprentice will be taken on and will develop our email marketing; increasing return custom from “warm leads”.

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