Sansooz Ltd

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Sansooz Ltd
Susan (Sooz) Chirino
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Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch: 
Sansooz creates fab fashionable funky reflective outdoor clothing & accessories etc; potentially saving millions of lives worldwide.
Detailed elevator pitch: 
Sansooz creates design led reflective fashionable outdoor clothing and accessories for adults (and particularly children). These will be seen normally during the day as part of the fashion garment design and then transform into high reflective goods/garments upon darkness or poor visibility when a light source is applied i.e. car headlights. In essence; keeping the wearer fashionable, stylish and visible; giving a driver an extra vital few seconds to swerve or brake.... potentially saving many lives.
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Business Plan

Your USP: 
Our USP is that the reflective elements are part of our designs and patterns. Fashion is important because it makes us look good and who doesn’t like to look good. Imagine a little girl wearing a cosy pink winter coat that is covered in pretty flowers..... the flowers would perhaps look pretty in purple & silver and part of the ornate design - they would actually be highly reflective. The girl would be happy to wear such a stylish garment; the parent/guardian (purchaser) happier knowing she is wearing a coat that is windproof, waterproof, has warmth qualities integrated and has reflective elements which will make her be more visible crossing a road etc in the darker winter months.
Your market: 
Worldwide, approx 1/2 million pedestrians are killed each year and as many as 50 million more are injured every year. The problem is darkness and poor visibility. The problem is mass market; anyone who is crossing a road in a dark environment. Various segments of this include children with lack of awareness or busy on phones etc crossing the road, elderly & disabled who take longer to cross a road; commuters rushing to get home. Joggers/cyclists etc. Our competitors create sporty hi-viz fluerescent outdoor clothing with reflective strips or piping. Our range is not sporty - it's fashion led so everyone can wear it.
Your people: 
The Director of Sansooz is; Susan (Sooz) Chirino. She has an HNC in Fashion & Textile Design, an International Diploma in Interior Design & Decoration and a BA Hons Degree in Surface & Textile Design. She uses her knowledge, creativity & background experience to create designs for her fashionable reflective textile collections. Her background is lecturing (fashion & textile) and art & design courses at college so she also has leadership and organisational skills.

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