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Robert Hall
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Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch: 
Wriggle brings on-the-day offers at great local places that we love and think you’ll love too - helping them fill their unsold spots.
Detailed elevator pitch: 
All businesses, even the most successful, have unsold space. Wriggle is a mobile-app platform that allows these businesses to sell this excess capacity at the last moment. For users, it’s a fun and spontaneous tool to find last-moment opportunities at high-quality local businesses. We’ve been live for 2 months in Bristol, had over 2,000 downloads through word of mouth alone, and have brought our businesses 700 customers. And we've barely scratched the surface of what Wriggle can do... There's a huge market to help businesses tackle this problem, and Wriggle has the platform in place to do it. Get a wriggle on and download the app to see for yourself!
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Business Plan

Your USP: 
1. Last-moment - Wriggle only caters for last-moment and on-the-day opportunities. 2. Laser-Focused. Unlike standard offer-sites, Wriggle is a tool for businesses to fill unsold capacity in a highly focused way. The business can be laser-focused about the times they want to bring customers in, or the exact number of customers they need - meaning we attract high-quality businesses rather than desperate ones. 3. High-Quality. We only work with high-quality businesses. This is a key aspect of the feedback we've received to date: our users love to be given inspiration to find great local businesses that they might not otherwise have known about.
Your market: 
Young people don't plan ahead. They are spontaneous - and advances in mobile technology and geolocation have created an opportunity to provide them with live local opportunities. Groupon or Amazon Local's reputation is terrible amongst consumers and businesses alike because it cheapens the brand of businesses - and the quality is low. Wriggle, by contrast, allows users to find last-moment and on the day offers at high-quality local businesses - protecting the brand of the business at the same time as allowing them to tackle waste and excess capacity.
Your people: 
Rob Hall - Director. Rob was a corporate lawyer at Clifford Chance before setting up Wriggle. Grace Howes - Operations Director. Grace managed a charity for 5 years in Shanghai before becoming Operations Director at Wriggle. Dan Waller - Social Media & Marketing. Dan is a Bristol Uni under-grad with a passion for social media, and is the online voice of Wriggle. Sam Finney - Partnerships, Editorial & Marketing. Sam is a writer and photographer who is applying his skills to Wriggle. He also manages relationships with our business customers. Quintus Dickinson - Data Analysis & Strategy. Quintus is the numbers guy. He analyzes our stats on big spreadsheets and tells us clever things

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