The interview

Angela Munroe

B2B Marketing Lead, Microsoft Devices

Q. Who are you and what do you do?

A. At Microsoft Devices, we're excited by the potential of mobile technology to transform people's lives. Microsoft Devices has been building a global ecosystem that offers people a distinct alternative to iOS and Android, creating and delivering innovative mobile products and services to people around the world. The Windows Phone, and the broader Windows platform, offers unique and compelling user-experiences that make Lumia smartphones the best choice for business.

Q. What is it about The Pitch that made you want to get involved with the event?

A. I find it really inspiring to see entrepreneurs coming up with intelligent, perceptive business ideas. And if I can help them get their ideas off the ground, then I’ll be delighted.

Q. What advice can you offer to entrants of The Pitch?

A. Interrogate your thinking fully beforehand. Can your idea withstand the closest scrutiny? You want it to be fool-proof, so ask friends, family and colleagues for their views.

Q. If you had to give three tips on making a successful pitch, what would you choose?

A. 1. Believe 100% in the idea or product you’re pitching (see my previous answer!).

2. If you’ve got a great idea, show how excited and passionate you are about it. You want a potential client to share your enthusiasm.

3. Be sure to bring statistics and support material to silence the doubters and prove your idea will succeed in today’s competitive market.

Q. How important is it for your company to engage with SMEs and new businesses?

A. It’s vital for us. They’re the future of business, so getting them to see the potential of mobile technology is important for their success and ours.

Q. It’s clear that The Pitch attendees can learn a lot from the event, but what about larger companies like yours? What do you hope to gain from being part of The Pitch?

The energy and enthusiasm of entrepreneurs is fantastic for inspiring new ideas in the way we work. They can provide us with completely new insights into how Microsoft Devices can support businesses, and we can share our knowledge to help entrepreneurs get their ideas up and running.

Q. How important is technology in the growth and success of small businesses?

The short answer is very! One of the biggest problems for start-ups is simply getting new ideas off the ground. Time constraints and a whole host of other priorities make it a real challenge. But new technology truly plays to the strengths of small businesses and start-ups that are agile by nature. Mobile technology, such as the Lumia Windows Phone, can help them be even more flexible, operate efficiently on the move, and seize more opportunities for growth.


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